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Fun Dog classes 

all dogs must be friendly with other dogs and people if your dog has issues with reactivity please book in for a behavioural consult or contact me.

Fun Classes  – Clicker training, Hand touching, Watch me, spin, bell ringing, heal position, hoop jumping, stays, roll over, Begging position, jumping, Scent training and much more 

At Paws and Praise we only use reward based methods which set owner and dog up for success. We run our classes in a relaxed and fun environment as a happy and relaxed owner = a happy and relaxed dog, I believe this helps improve the bond with your dog.

Classes are 1 hour per week for 6 weeks at £60 for the course. While not only socialising your puppy/dog with other dogs and people there is also livestock in the adjacent fields that your dog can see and make friends with.

I am a fully qualified dog trainer (Diploma) with The International School For Canine Practitioner and furthering my education, with Bishop Burton collage FdSC Canine Behaviour and Training. Classes currently being held at the Greyhound Inn Burston, nr Stone, Staffordshire.


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Dates for 2016
Day Date Hours Places
Sat 23rd Jan – 27th Feb 11.15-12.15 noon Fully Booked
Sat 19th March – 16th April 11.15-12.15 noon Fully Booked
Tue 26th April – 31st May 7.15-8.15 pm  Fully booked
Tue 14th June – 19th July 7.15-8.15 pm 3 Spaces
Tue 2nd Aug – 6th Sept 7.15-8.15 pm 6 Spaces
Sat 24th Sept – 05th Nov 11.15-12.15 noon 6 Spaces
Sat 12th Nov – 17th Dec 11.15-12.15 noon 6 Spaces




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    The Key To Dog Obedience

    For most people, dog obedience training is a difficult process. Well, it could be if you don’t know the proper way to do it. Take note that it can also be stressful on the part of your dog and therefore the speed of his learning process will totally depend on how you execute the training.

    Dog Obedience Training Defined

    The human-dog relationship is something that needs to be enhanced. You should have a healthy relationship in the household so that both of you will feel secured. This training covers a lot of techniques and among them are positive reinforcement, clicker training, marker training, reward training, and a lot others. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional, the main goals should be achieved.

    The main goals that have to be attained during the training include a clear line of communication between you and your pet, strengthen your ties, and spend more quality time with each other. Most behavioural problems such as digging, chewing, excessive barking, jumping up, and many others are likewise resolved through proper training.

    The training itself is composed of boundaries or rules which aim to educate your dog to become a responsible member of your household and be in control of his behavior. Basically, he will not be solely confined at home. There will be times when he will be taken out for a walk and it will not help if he will be unruly. Like human beings, dogs should be taught good manners. He should know how to properly behave in certain situations, at any given place, and at any given time.

    The Benefits of Obedience Training

    Training the dog to be obedient is one prime way to enjoy the company of your dog and one that will surely benefit you in the years to come. Here are a couple of advantages that you will definitely be happy about.

    The training will make life simple for your dog. It means his confusions will be eliminated and he will be more aware of his good behaviour as with any behaviour that is reinforced becomes stronger and more likely to be rehearsed .

    It is a rewarding experience. During the training, your dog will have fun learning. If you will do it by yourself, it is likewise your best chance to spend quality time with him.

    A trained dog is a confident and happy dog. He is then a pleasurable dog (family member) to have around.

    The dog will have more freedom. A trained dog can be left alone unsupervised because you are confident he will not be causing nuisance in your place.

    A dog that has gone through obedience training is safer. He will not threaten other people and animals around him.

    You will be able to respect your dog just like a true family member and companion.

    Overall, the dog obedience training process may take time and it requires you to be really patient at all times. So always be consistent and don’t fall short of rewards and praises and always set your dog up to succeed.

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