Intermediate dog training classes

At Paws and Praise we only use reward based methods which set owner and dog up for success. We run our classes in a relaxed and fun environment as a happy and relaxed owner = a happy and relaxed dog, I believe this helps improve the bond with your dog.

Classes are 1 hour per week for 6 weeks at £75 for the course. While not only socialising your puppy/dog with other dogs and people there is also livestock in the adjacent fields that your dog can see and make friends with.

I am a fully qualified dog trainer (Diploma) with The International School For Canine Practitioner and furthering my education, with Bishop Burton collage FdSC Canine Behaviour and Training. Classes currently being held at the Greyhound Inn Burston, nr Stone, Staffordshire.

If you have already accomplished basic obedience with your dog so sits, downs, basic leave it, and so on why not take you and your dog to the next level with our intermediate class we will introduce you to door manners, stop the dog,waits, stays, go to bed recalls and loose lead walking down the canal, food manners and much more. All ages and breeds welcome. classes of between 7-10 puppies/dogs which makes it easier for dog and owner to concentrate with more individual time for help.

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Dates for 2021


Date Hours Places

2021 Dates

2020 Saturday

17th October – 28th  November (please note this class is over a 7 week period as no classes on the 24th october)  11.15Am – 12.15noon Fully Booked

2021 Saturday

9th January- 20th February (please note this class is over a 7 week period as no classes on the 23rd January) 11.15Am-12noon Fully Booked.


 Dates to be confirmed no bookings at this time 11.15Am-12noon No spaces.

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