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For this course your dog must be able to perform the basics and have some attention on its handler as this course is only 1 hour long.

At Paws and Praise we only use reward based methods which set owner and dog up for success. We run our classes in a relaxed and fun environment as a happy and relaxed owner = a happy and relaxed dog, I believe this helps improve the bond with your dog.

Classes are 1 hour and £40 for the group recall session. While not only socialising your puppy/dog with other dogs and people.

I am a fully qualified dog trainer (Diploma) with The International School For Canine Practitioner and fully qulified behaviouist, with Bishop Burton collage FdSC Canine Behaviour and Training. group recall sessions will be held in Stone, Staffs

In the hour training course you and your dog will learn about marker words and rewarding, check in’s and recall around distractions and lastly control as walking past the distraction

Dates For the next lot of classes:  

Dates for 2022
Day Date Hours Places
Thursday 4th August 5.30 6 places


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