Reactive Residential Training with a Twist, Staffordshire

Dog on Dog Reactivity

Is your dog a nightmare to walk around other dogs? Do you feel embarrassed?

Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs? Does your dog stress you out?

Have you tried classes and they just don’t seem to work? Do you feel frustrated?

Then why don’t you try Paws and Praise’s service all the training I do is kind and positive I do not use punishment like choke chains, Prong collars Electric collars or aversives like shouting or stones in a bottle these techniques just shut the dog down or make the dog worse and scare the dog further, the way I train the dog, is by changing the emotional response of your dog and helping them emotionally feel happier about being around other dogs and you the owners can carry on building a bond and enjoying your walks again and not walking on pins.

What happens when i have the dog?

  1. We will book you and your dog in for a pre-assesment 1-2-1, I will show you the training that I will be doing with your dog through the block days/week(s) course which is all positive reward based training, no punishment, aversive or flooding will be used. A systematical- desensitisation (Distance) and LAT (Look at that) will be used in a controlled environment. As the dog becomes more comfortable around other dogs I will start to introduce the dog to different environments at the dogs pace. If you decide to go ahead and book for the block days/week course this initial assessment fee will be deducted off the block week fee.
  2. If you are happy we will book your dog in for a block week of training. Your dog will be trained with a clicker and will be training for 3.5 hours a day for 4 days with breaks around other dogs with the aim of changing the dogs emotional response to them. I will pick your dog up from your home and drop the dog back home after each training session so you still have your loved family member with you at night when you get in from work.
  3. I will keep you informed on how your dog is getting on daily throughout the training course and you are welcome to come and watch what we are doing at any time of the training process, and even do some of the training yourself. If you would prefer to bring your dog for the block sessions then this is also great and I can teach you the process from the beginning and you and your dog can work together.
  4. On the last day you will be required to attend both training sessions (3.5 hours) so I can run through what we have done and teach you how to carry on with the training. As with any emotional response it doesn’t disappear over night, depending on how long the dog has been rehearsing the unwanted behaviour and why the dog has been reacting to other dogs will all depend on how long it will take to change the way the dog feels while other dogs are in the vicinity.
  5. I will come and do a follow up home visit to see how you and your dog are getting on with the new training and management, and can discuss any further training with myself if necessary.

I will cover the Staffordshire area by collecting dogs from your home with a small fee to cover petrol. I would always recommend to get a vet check on your dog as some behaviour issues can occur due to illness, so it is always important to rule anything out before starting a behaviour modification.

Price for this Service is £720 + petrol

This course equates to 16 hours of work at a price of £45 per hour

For more info contact me HERE 

Payment need be paid in full via bank transfer when you make the booking, to book please use the contact form or call on 07891424269

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