Puppy Interaction (1-2-1) mornings/afternoons

Puppy Interaction (1-2-1) mornings/afternoons

It is very important when you get a puppy that you start your dog off on the right step!!!

Socialisation is key to a happy dog and happy owner. Everyone’s first thoughts are dogs dogs dogs it is good to take puppies to new calm environments and teaching the pup to be calm and relaxed in new environments whether this be in a pet store or in an outside café etc.

This Service will be available to suit you, the sessions can take place while you are at work or with you taking part.

Puppies need to be fully vaccinated and able to go out and about 12 weeks up to 7 months of age.

I/we will do some basic training

  • Clicker training or Marker word training.
  • Sit, Watch me and Downs.
  • Going to local shops/Costa Coffee and teaching the dog to be happy and calm.
  • Home sitting your dog while you are out
  • Walk at a park
  • Trip to the vets for socialisation and familiarity.
  • Much more

Don’t forget any behaviour your dog practices will become stronger!!!! If your dog jumps all over people and is rewarded for this by giving attention this behaviour will become stronger.

Every time we are with our dogs they are learning what we want from them, don’t forget if your dog is rehearsing a behaviour you do not like it is being reinforced in some way by giving the dog attention.

Reinforcement comes in many factors and what we see as a reinforcement our dog may not so we have to see what our dog enjoys, whether this be verbal (GOOD DOG) a food reward (CHICKEN), touch (FUSS) or playing (TOYS).

3 hour session at a Price of £120 + Petrol (to the home location)

Further top up sessions are 1 hour per session £50 + petrol

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